Tool for the piston unit of modern Montblanc fountain pens


Our high-quality stainless steel specialty tool allows for easy dismantling of the piston mechanisms in all modern Meisterstück fountain pens of the 146 and 149 series.


Furthermore, it is also compatible with most Writer Editions and Patron of Art Editions based on the Meisterstück 146 or 149.


This tool is specifically designed for Meisterstück models 146 and 149 from approximately the late 1960s to the present day.

Please note that our tool is exclusively intended for dismantling the piston unit of the writing instruments and should not be used on the nib unit.


We would like to emphasize that we do not accept liability for any self-inflicted damage to the writing instrument. Therefore, the tool should only be used by knowledgeable individuals or at one's own risk.



Stainless Steel





Piston modern

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