My passion for writing instruments and the culture of writing began during my apprenticeship as a tool mechanic at Montblanc Simplo in Hamburg.


I was particularly fascinated by the historical fountain pens of Montblanc, which sparked my passion for collecting.

Over time, I started acquiring these writing instruments and restoring them myself. My father, who was also a long-time employee at Montblanc and specialized in the restoration of antique Montblanc writing instruments, taught me the craft of restoration.


For over 15 years, I have been a regular visitor and exhibitor at national and international pen shows.


As an avid collector of antique Montblanc writing instruments and an experienced restorer, I started offering restorations and high-quality tools for Montblanc writing instruments under the name "MS Pens" in 2017.


My goal is to restore these valuable writing instruments to their original beauty and functionality. With my expertise and meticulousness, I strive to preserve the history and heritage of these Montblanc writing instruments. Whether it's a repair, cleaning, or complete restoration, MS Pens provides professional services for your Montblanc writing instruments.


I look forward to helping you keep your Montblanc writing instruments in the best condition and providing you with long-lasting joy in writing. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about my services.