Tool for the piston unit of antique Montblanc fountain pens


Discover our high-quality stainless steel specialty tool specifically designed for dismantling the piston mechanisms of antique Montblanc Meisterstück pens.


It is compatible with models 142 to 149, as well as related models such as 742 and 644.


Please note that before removing the piston, the gripping section must be unscrewed first. Then, the cork seal can be removed from the front. Only then is it possible to carefully unscrew the mechanism from the back after heating the barrel.


Our tool is exclusively suitable for dismantling the piston unit of the writing instruments and not the nib unit.

Please be aware that we do not accept liability for any self-inflicted damage to the writing instrument. The tool should only be used by knowledgeable individuals or at one's own risk.



Stainless Steel




Piston antique

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