Sealing cork size 4


We offer a set of 5 cork seals specifically for antique Montblanc piston-fill fountain pens from the 1940s to 1950s. These cork seals are made from Portuguese cork, turned, ground, and then boiled and sealed in paraffin.


The cork seals are suitable for Montblanc Meisterstück pens of size 4, such as 144, 134, 244, 644, and similar models.


Please note that the provided photo serves as a reference only, as it is a natural product and variations may occur.


It is important to note that replacing a cork seal requires special tools and knowledge. This set is only suitable for individuals who know how to replace a cork seal.


We would like to emphasize that we do not accept liability for any self-inflicted damage to the writing instrument. Therefore, the use of the tools should only be done by knowledgeable individuals or at one's own risk.







Cork #4 - 5 pieces

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