Tool for cork nut of antique Montblanc fountain pens


Our stainless steel tool enables safe unscrewing and screwing of the nut in antique Montblanc piston-fill fountain pens. This nut presses the cork against the cork carrier.


Please note that before using the tool, the gripping section of the fountain pen needs to be unscrewed. There is a risk of permanent damage to the fountain pen during this process. It is important to research beforehand how to properly and safely remove the gripping section.


In addition to the cork nut tool, there is a slotted screwdriver included, which can be used to hold the cork carrier in position if it rotates within the fountain pen.


Please be aware that we do not accept liability for any self-inflicted damage to the writing instrument. Therefore, the tool should only be used by knowledgeable individuals or at one's own risk.



Stainless Steel (screw unit)

Red PVC (handle)





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