In my last video I restore a very special Montblanc Meisterstück 132 from the 1930s. The barrel was made from a material that I have never seen before on an MB 132.
Possibly this is a prototype.

Have fun watching it.


Hamburg 27.03.2023


"Knock out block" to help expel ink conductors from fountain pen grip.


Hamburg 05.08.2022

I have published two new videos on YouTube.

In the first video I show a restoration of two Montblanc 322 push button fountain pens.

In the second video you can find more information about the Montblanc 322 series.

Have fun watching.



Hamburg 10.07.2022

There is a new video to watch on my YouTube channel.






Hamburg  26.03.2022

There is a new restoration video on my YouTube channel. Have fun watching it.

Also, sealing corks for antique Montblanc piston fountain pens are now available in the shop under spare parts.



Hamburg 28.08.2021

This week I restored a beautiful Montblanc 146 from the 1950s that was leaking and then apparently left for a long time.

The ink that had run behind the sealing cork was never removed and had blocked the spindle. Even after intensive cleaning, the spindle could not be fully retracted or extended. (Picture 1)

I disassembled the spindle as far as I could to see where there was still old dried ink. (picture 2)

After some effort, I was able to move the spindle and remove the last bit of dirt. (picture 3)

Afterwards I greased the now functional spindle and mounted it again.  (Picture 4)



Hamburg 12.02.2021

After a long time I finally managed to record a video of one of my restorations.

This time it's a beautiful Montblanc 136 from the 1940s.

Have fun watching it.

Also, the tools for the nib unit of the modern Montblanc masterpieces are available in the shop again.

The tools for the antique pens will follow in the next weeks.


Hamburg 31.01.2021

Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to record and publish more videos of my restorations. I have moved my workshop and am still in the process of setting it up. It will take a while until I have everything set up again.

However, I am not completely idle:

In the last few days, I have devoted myself to a Montblanc 234 1/2, which had been part of my collection for quite some time without being treated.

I would like to show here how beautiful the ink window looks again after I have treated it. The contamination by the old ink was so strong that I actually thought the fountain pen had a green ink view window. The result surprised even me.

Hamburg 31.03.2020

As of today, assembly tools for the plunger unit and the nib unit for antique Montblanc piston fountain pens are available in the shop.

The tools are needed to replace the sealing cork and to carry out optimal maintenance of the writing instruments.


Hamburg 16.11.2019

As of today, assembly tools for the nib unit for modern Montblanc piston fountain pens are available in the shop.

I also have practical tool holders for the assembly tools on offer. Please feel free to have a look around the shop.

There is now also a video category on my site. I will try to create and publish a few repair videos and explanatory videos for the individual tools in the future.

Soon the assembly tools for the antique Montblanc fountain pens will also be available in the shop.


Hamburg 21.08.2019

Soon there will be a new and larger selection of assembly tools for modern and antique Montblanc piston fountain pens.

Please feel free to visit my shop regularly.


Hamburg 20.06.2019