Shown here is a late version of the Montblanc Meisterstück 342, produced between 1967 &1960.

The first Montblanc 342 was already produced in 1951, but with some differences to this version. The first Montblanc 342 did not have the cap band as a cap end, but a small cap ring near the cap lip.
The subsequent version then had a cap band similar to the one shown, but without engraving.
The first 342s were also made of celluloid and not plastic.

When I received the MB 342, the surfaces were slightly scratched and the spindle could not be moved. The seal had also come loose from the spindle.

After a thorough external cleaning, I was able to dismantle the writing instrument and clean all the parts from the inside.

I then carefully sanded all the surfaces and polished them afterwards.

The clip and the cap band were given a new gold plating.

Before restoration

After restoration