Restoration and repair

After I finished my apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Montblanc, my father started to get more involved with antique Montblanc pens. My interest was also aroused and we started to visit fountain pen fairs all over Europe together, buying and selling pens.

Later I started to make and sell tools for fountain pen repair.

Along the way, I helped my father repair antique pens.  

In 2017, I officially started restoring pens under the name MS Pens not only for myself but also for other collectors.

If you would also like to give your Montblanc pens for restoration, I would love to hear from you.

My services include:

-changing sealing corks
-Fountain pen cleaning
-Removing engravings
-Close cracks in caps

-and much more

Also check out the video section to learn more about my work.